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Back at the beginning of last year I made my way over County Mayo to photograph both a traditional Irish wedding and a traditional Persian wedding. I have worked in Ireland before and I was excited to go back there again!


This image was taken during the catholic wedding ceremony. Having seen one of the girls yawn and had grabbed a photo. However, not satisfied, I thought that if the little girl did the same and they both yawned, it would give the shot something extra! Waiting for a long as I could, camera poised, and my patience was rewarded with this composition.

Catholic weddings are long services. For kids, it can be tough to concentrate for that amount of time. This just tells that story. I’m always looking to tell stories like this on a wedding day. Most couples book me for my reportage work, so this is a good really good example of that. I love the rich colours of the edit on this one too! I hope you like it!

I travel all over the UK and Europe, so if you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer just drop me a line!