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Here’s a wedding image from back in 2018. The bride and groom for this one were Louise and Rob. They had their special day in a marquee overlooking a reservoir in Northamptonshire.


In the day, I’d noticed some beautiful festoon lights decorating the trees. I made a mental note to revisit them later in n the evening. So, as the sun disappeared, I took my Sony camera over to the trees. I tried out a few ways of framing the subject and settled on the photograph I was going to take. The light from the festoon lights was minimal, so I had to add some off camera flash to light the happy couple. Then it was just a question of posing and a nice moment. Louise and Rob kissed and the image came out perfectly!

This is actually an award winning shot! I was awarded a Masters Of Wedding Photography award for it which made me very proud. I actually photographed a wedding for a friend of Louise and Robs and won an award for one of their images too. Check it out here!