Right, so this is an idea that I’ve been wanting to put into action for a very long time, like ages! I have a family of my own, and I think it was the realisation that the years pass so quickly with little ones that before you know it, they aren’t little! I’ve never been one for the studio based stuff. Or posing sleeping babies on rugs and the like. Since I started this thing shooting stills 15 years ago I’ve always thought of myself as a documentary guy. So documenting a family on their weekly walk around the woods seems to fit. Add a short film into that and you have a really special memory. Trust in me when I say, before you know it it’s too late. Yes it costs money, but do you honestly think you’ll look back on this and remember how much it costs? Let’s face it, probably not! Unless you’re my father in law, he’d remember how much it costs! Haha!


Harlestone Firs.


Fun, real.

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