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Thank you for your interest in me and my camera! I’m really pleased that you have dropped me a line!

You may have already seen this slideshow, so if you have you don’t HAVE to watch again.  But… if you haven’t I’d love it if you could find 3 mins of your time to take a looksey at the style and quality of photography that I would bring your day!

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Hope you liked the video! Here’s some info about me that you may not know:

  • I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10 years
  • I love it (but hopefully you can see that from the above video!)
  • I’ve shot over 350 weddings
  • I’m not photographing Prince Harry’s wedding. Unbelievable!
  • Before I started this I used to be a Formula One Photographer and travelled all over the world shooting it
  • I had a go in a two seater F1 car and sat in the cockpit of a 747 plane for landing all in the same day

Ok so that last bullet point there is useless to you but I like to slip that bit of info into conversation whenever I can! What IS relevant to you is my experience and my love of not just wedding photography but photography in general. I’m a student to the art. Sounds cheesy but it’s true. I go on at least

two wedding photography courses to learn new skills and new techniques every year.  I also go on one course that’s non-wedding photography related, last year it was street photography.  Why? It’s simply because I want to do a great job for you. I take a huge amount of pride in the images I produce; they shape the memories of the best day of your life.  What couple be more important than that?

I want to capture the real for you. The real relationship you share as a couple, the real relationships you share with your friends and families. Yes you will probably want a few posed family images, who doesn’t, but that’s where the posing can stay. The rest of the day doesn’t have to be that way. The rest of the day is about the REAL happenings and REAL relationships the REAL feelings. At every wedding rain or shine, I’m working my socks off to capture all of these key points and more.

Read on below for some of the things my couples have to say about me…

“Elliot, these are absolutely spectacular, breathtaking photos. We’ve just sat and cried and laughed our way through them. Thank you so much, not sure how we can express our gratitude. They are just so stunningly beautiful and bought the whole day back to us”
Daniel and Ailsa

“You have been amazing from start to finish and such a pleasure to deal with. We were absolutely blown away with the wedding photographs! They were better than we could ever have imagined. You made us feel so relaxed and we real enjoyed your company!”
Beci and Jamie

“We could fill this card writing nice things about you but instead we will just sum it up in one word, AMAZING! From start to finish! Thank you for everything Elliot.”
Amy and Michael

You can download my full price list at the link below, but to give you an idea of what you get and how much it costs my prices begin at 1495. That price includes:

  • A complimentary pre-wedding shoot (Monday to Friday)
  • USB with around 400+ high res images
  • Online gallery
  • Online slideshow of your day
  • A viewing of your images at the studio

If you like what you’ve read and what you’ve seen, drop me an email back. I’d love to meet you and hear all about your plans for the big one!